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Gay Asian Amateurs Aug 19, 2011 SCORE: 8 /10

Description: While there is some really hot gay amateur porn sites that features hot Asian twinks fucking in hardcore action, I think that very few of them can compare with Gay Asian Amateurs. This site has not only gathered together some of the sexiest and horniest men from all over Asia,... more
Real Asian Exposed Aug 18, 2011 SCORE: 8 /10

Description: Ever wonder what it would be like to bump uglies with beautiful teens from Japan and China? If you have, then you are going to feel quite blessed when you visit Real Asian Girlfriends. This amateur girlfriend porn site has gathered together the real sex tapes of private pictures... more
Amour Babes Aug 17, 2011 SCORE: 7.8 /10

Description: Amour Babes is a porn site that has a deep and abiding love for the female body. This site just doesn't focus on the sexual side of women, but focuses on them in a way that takes into account the whole package. All of the ladies on Amour Babes are beautiful and have bodies that... more
I Fucked Her Finally Aug 16, 2011 SCORE: 7.5 /10

Description: The concept of I Fucked Her Finally is genius in its theme and execution. It features the type of beautiful girls we have all been familiar with, the type that seem to be unapproachable. These are the type of beauties that would make you hesitate to ask out, let only stick your... more
Tricky Old Teacher Aug 15, 2011 SCORE: 7.8 /10

Description: Tricky Old Teacher is a porn site where hot, sexy teens are seduced by their teachers and fucked in some pretty spectacular porn scenes. These guys really pull out all of the stops as they enjoy plunging their old cocks deep inside these teen's hot pussies, wet mouths and tight... more
Tranny Pack Aug 14, 2011 SCORE: 8.3 /10

Description: Tranny Pack is a shemale network porn site that gives you a pass to some of the most incredible shemale porn on the internet today. Thanks to Tranny Pack, members get to enjoy twelve incredible sites for one low, low price. Some of the sites included in this package include... more
Busty GFs Exposed Aug 14, 2011 SCORE: 7.8 /10

Description: Even if you have never fucked a chick with big tits, you probably still understand just how hot it would be to fuck them. After all, there are probably few things better than sticking your dick in a chick who has melons that are big as your fucking head. And this premise is... more
Fatty Pub Aug 13, 2011 SCORE: 7 /10

Description: Fat women need love too and that is the theme behind Fatty Pub. On Fatty Pub, members are treated to hardcore videos and pictures of BBW women who go out on the town, get drunk and then get fucked. After a few drinks, these fat babes get really horny and set out to get a little... more
My Wife's Mom Aug 12, 2011 SCORE: 7.3 /10

Description: My Wife's Mom is a porn site that explores the possibility of what might happen if a guy decides that he wants to pork his mother-in-law. In each scene, these horny guys treat themselves to the fruits that their spouse's mother has to offer. They let her suck their cock. They... more
Teenamite Aug 11, 2011 SCORE: 7.8 /10

Description: TeenAmite believes that hot teen babes are as unpredictable us ticking time bombs. And this site may be on to something. After taking a tour of TeenAmite I noticed a little something about the content. One, all of the girls were tasty bombshells that got me hard as a fucking... more
Real Latina Exposed Aug 11, 2011 SCORE: 8 /10

Description: The ladies on Real Latina Girlfriends come from a variety of different countries and from a variety of different lifestyles. Some of the women are this site are Hispanic women from third-world countries and some of them are American Latinas. But no matter where they come from,... more
Teen Sex Reality Aug 10, 2011 SCORE: 8 /10

Description: Teen porn is always fun to watch, but it is even more entertaining when it features real amateur teens fucking for the first time on camera. And that is what Teen Sex Reality offers up to its members. On this site are tons of videos that show real young couples enjoy each others... more
Granny Bet Aug 08, 2011 SCORE: 7.3 /10

Description: Let me see, what is the best way for me to sum up Granny Bet? I wonder if I should talk about how sexy the grannies are or how hot their hardcore scenes are. While these are important points I think I will start off telling you about the premise of Granny Bet. This porn site... more
Rough 18 Aug 07, 2011 SCORE: 7.3 /10

Description: Rough 18 has taken teenage porn and given it a swift kick in the ass, sometimes in a very literal way. This site has rounded up an extensive collection of beautiful amateur girls and have dropped them right in the middle of some really intense fetish porn. When you first enter... more
18 Stream Aug 06, 2011 SCORE: 8.5 /10

Description: Despite its name, 18 Stream is a hardcore porn site that not only allows you to stream their movies but also allows you to download them. And what kind of porn do they offer, you ask? Well, that's elementary my dear Watson, hardcore teen porn. And some really good teen porn if I... more
Teen Burg Aug 05, 2011 SCORE: 7.8 /10

Description: What would it be like to live in a town that was exclusively populated with some of the hottest teen babes on the planet? Well, that is exactly what a teen porn site called Teen Burg addresses. On this unique and unusual porn site, members are given a tour of a town where the... more
Tranny Cum Fun Aug 04, 2011 SCORE: 6.3 /10

Description: I have come to a fascinating conclusion about tranny porn sites. I like to watch well hung trannies with big tits fucked hard, but what I really like is to watch hot trannies abused and made to eat cum. You know, the kind of intense ball shattering action that can be found on... more
Teen Sex Fusion Aug 03, 2011 SCORE: 7.8 /10

Description: What is on the menu at Teen Sex Fusion? Why, hot teen pussy with a garnish of hardcore sex, of course. Teen Sex Fusion is a teen porn site that believes that watching a beautiful young babe getting her mouth, pussy and ass fucked hard is a delicious dish that is meant to be... more
Tranny Cum Squirting Aug 02, 2011 SCORE: 6.5 /10

Description: I can't imagine anything hotter than watching all of the premium shemale porn I found on Tranny Cum Squirting. On this exclusive tranny porn site are tons of high quality videos that show beautiful shemales getting their asses fucked with rock hard cocks and then filled up with... more
She Made Us Lesbians Aug 01, 2011 SCORE: 7.3 /10

Description: Ah, one universal question is finally answered; the question about whether lesbians are made or born. Thanks to She Made Us Lesbians we now know that young teen lesbians are created thanks to the creative mentoring of older carpet munchers. Inside She Made Us Lesbians, you will... more
Two Trannies Jul 31, 2011 SCORE: 6.5 /10

Description: Two Trannies is a shemale porn site that isn't satisfied just showing beautiful trannies naked or fucking one on one. No, this shemale porn site wants to show these beautiful ladyboys fucking in some hot, wild and raunchy threesomes. Step inside Two Trannies and see this type of... more
Tin Seks Jul 30, 2011 SCORE: 7.8 /10

Description: Tin Seks is a porn site that answers a very interesting question. How do you communicate with a hot European teen who doesn't speak a lick of English? With your dick, of course. And Tin Seks is a porn site that answers this question time and time again in each sensational... more
Ladyboy Dolls Jul 29, 2011 SCORE: 6.8 /10

Description: Ladyboy Dolls is a shemale porn site that doesn't know whether it is an erotic centerfold porn site or a hardcore ladyboy site. That is because it has both available to its members. The Asian shemales on this site are beautiful and sexy enough to be models, but are also horny... more
Horny Thief Tales Jul 28, 2011 SCORE: 7.3 /10

Description: The ladies on Horny Thief Tales have a fantasy life that is rich, but is also kind of dark. These young women all have a particular fantasy that they love to act out in each and every video on the site. These ladies pretend that there house is being broke into and in order to... more
Chubby POV Jul 27, 2011 SCORE: 7.3 /10

Description: Chunky chicks sucking cock, getting fucked and getting facials while they are being filmed in the first person point of view is what you can expect to see when you visit Chubby POV. And honestly, I don't know what more you could ask for if your a fan of big beautiful women. It... more
Creampied Sweeties Jul 26, 2011 SCORE: 7 /10

Description: Almost everyone is a fan of hot teen pussy, I know I am. I can literally spend days on end watching hot young teens getting their perfect pink pussies fucked by rock hard cocks. But sometimes I need a little bit more. And that is why I am so thankful that I have found a site... more
Only Tgirls Jul 25, 2011 SCORE: 8.3 /10

Description: Started just over a few years ago, Only TGirls is a porn site that quickly established its reputation as not only one of the hottest shemale sites on the internet but also one of the most trusted. Each and every week, Only TGirls serves up some of the tastiest and hottest... more
Real Mom Exposed Jul 24, 2011 SCORE: 8 /10

Description: Mature mothers are hotter than you ever thought they could be and if you don't believe me, then all you have to do is check out all of the action on Real Mom Exposed. When you visit Real Mom Exposed you will be confronted by two inescapable truths. One, these moms are very... more
Shemales Get Fucked Jul 23, 2011 SCORE: 8 /10

Description: If you believe that all you need to know about Shemales Get Fucked can be gleaned from its name, then let me take the time to tell you that you are quite mistaken. Sure, Shemales Get Fucked does have beautiful shemales who spread their lips and their ass cheeks but that is only... more
Daddies And Darlings Jul 22, 2011 SCORE: 6.8 /10

Description: Daddies and Darlings is a porn site that has a pretty exceptional premise. On this site, hot young teens are tricked, or paid, by horny old men looking to shove their cocks deep inside them. And let me be the first to say that this is some really hot porn. Not only do these... more
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